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At the Law Offices of Randy Collins, you can expect the competence, meticulous attention to detail, and commitment that will be required for you to receive the defense you need to obtain the best possible case outcome. Our criminal defense attorneys have spent decades creating relationships in the courtroom and setting the groundwork that has allowed many of their clients to receive no jail time and have their case dismissed.

You will not receive these types of results at every Orange County criminal defense law firm. These types of results require gifted legal professionals with a passion for justice and superior client representation. You can count on our attorneys to provide you with their best, no matter what your circumstances or charges.

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Firm partners, Randy S. Collins , base their practice on competence, a meticulous attention to detail, and commitment. That’s why they call themselves CMC Defense. Their clients receive service from staff members engaged in an efficient and purpose-driven work environment designed to help clients feel comfortable throughout the duration of their case.

Randy S. Collins  uses the orange county criminal defense sector to work in their favor in your fight for justice. They do not take their jobs as criminal defense attorneys in Orange County lightly. Each client is represented in a professional and knowledgeable manner while being treated with courtesy and respect at all times.

At the Law Offices of Randy Collins you will receive:


  • Personalized Attention. Getting your questions answered and your needs addressed is one of our top priorities. Our Orange County criminal defense attorneys will help you feel at ease with regular updates and timely responses. Both attorneys provide the majority of their clients with personal contact information so that you can get a hold of them when you need to.


  • Excellent Criminal Defense Track Record. Our track record speaks for itself. If you want to win, you will need a criminal defense law firm that has a history of doing so. Randy and Ron have a long history of obtaining great case results. When you hire them, you’ll experience the peace of mind that comes with securing top notch legal representation.


  • Attorneys With Great Reviews. Let’s face it; many attorneys claim to be the best but have nothing to back up those claims. Take a look at our outstanding reviews across a wide variety of different attorney review services and you will see that clients love us.


If you need help with your DUI, drug charge, assault, arson, or any other crime, contact one of our experienced criminal defense attorneys today. They will provide you with a free professional evaluation of your case and will help give you confidence moving forward.

Call (888) 250-2865 now to get an immediate free case evaluation for any arrests occurring in Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, or San Diego County.

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