California DUI Lawyers

A DUI arrest can be very stressful. Offenders face jail time, monetary fines, suspension of their driver’s license and much more. The actions you take now can mean a world of difference between contending with the repercussions of DUI or plea bargaining your case to a lower offense.


The Orange County DUI attorneys at Macgregor and Collins have a proven history of successfully defending such cases in California. Anyone facing a DUI charge in Southern California is welcome to call and take advantage of a free legal case evaluation for up to one hour.



Top Legal Defenses for DUI in California


  • Factors affecting alcohol traces in Breathalyzer Tests including ailment, dentures, certain foods and more.
  • Inaccurate chemical testing due to equipment failure
  • Police misconduct or tampering of evidence
  • Improbable cause for a traffic stop and subsequent DUI testing
  • The defendant was not aware of alcohol intoxication
  • Emergencies that called for on-the-spot action, regardless of alcohol intoxication
  • False Identification – a passenger impersonated the accused driver



Benefits of Working with MacGregor and Collins DUI Attorneys


DUI defendants get:

  • Unparalleled legal defense or representation
  • Flat rate billing for eligible parties
  • 30 Years of combined legal defense experience
  • Proactive defense to get the best outcome
  • Possibility of alternative sentencing



What You Need to Know About California DUI Law


Chemical tests are not mandatory. However, if a defendant refuses to take this test the result is a mandatory suspension of his or her driver’s license for one year.


Be sure to request samples of chemical tests if this is submitted. The attorneys will retest this to determine any loopholes for defense.


DUI offenses are prosecuted under Vehicle Code 23152, where the prosecution will need to prove that the offender had a blood alcohol level of 0.08% or more.


The driver’s license will be confiscated. A subsequent DMV hearing is scheduled where offenders will learn about the status of their license. In the meantime, a temporary driver’s license is issued until the court date.


There is a 10-day time frame required to attend a DMV hearing. In the event the driver does not appear or communicate with the DMV, the driver’s license is then suspended within 30 days. Driving on a suspended license is a crime which is charged separately. Speak to our attorneys if help is needed.



Free Consultation for those facing California DUI Charges


Are you guilty of a DUI offense? Our DUI defense lawyers can arrange plea bargains for qualified defendants. The aim is to get alternative sentencing besides jail time or license suspension, and a few examples include electronic monitoring; lower charges such as wet reckless driving or minor traffic infractions; installation of an ignition interlock device and more.


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