Health and Safety Code 11357b

If you face charges for Possession of Marijuana for less than one ounce, you may be convicted of California Health and Safety Code 11357 (b). A skilled Orange County marijuana attorney can help you better understand the charges brought against you as well as the potential penalties you face. At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our legal professionals have assisted countless alleged marijuana offenders throughout California. They have in-depth knowledge of marijuana case law and provide free confidential case evaluations for anyone facing criminal charges in California in which marijuana was involved.


HS 11357 B Defined


In order to prosecute for California Health and Safety Code 11357 (b), the state has the burden to
prove you were guilty of either:


  • The defendant was found with actual or constructive possession of less than one ounce of
  • The defendant knew that even this tiny amount of marijuana is illegal to possess within
  • The defendant could have used this one ounce or less of marijuana for it to be classified as
    drug usage


Potential Penalties for 11357b Violations


Possession of marijuana penalties vary based on aggravating circumstances and the quantity of marijuana that the defendant is found in possession of.


Marijuana Possession of Less Than 1 o.z. or 28.5 grams however, is regarded as an infraction, that
is punishable by:


  • Up to $100 in fines


This crime carries no incarceration period, but guilty parties will still be left with a criminal record.


Possession of less than 1 ounce, or 28.5 grams of marijuana does not include concentrated cannabis. In this event, criminal charges are filed as either a misdemeanor or felony under California Health
and Safety Code 11357 (a).


Possession of marijuana is not criminalized if it can be proved that the defendant was authorized to do so, for care giving or medical purposes.


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