Health and Safety Code 11360b

Are you facing charged for Sale or Transportation of less than one ounce of Marijuana? Violation of California Health and Safety Code 11360 (b) is an infraction, but still carries consequences. Those facing any type of criminal charge are encouraged to take advantage of a free case evaluation with one of our experienced Marijuana defense attorneys. You may receive information that can help you avoid making costly mistakes.


HS 11360b Defined


Under California Health and Safety Code 11360 (b), it is a criminal activity to sell, transport, import or furnish less than one ounce of marijuana. Unlike 11360, which makes it a felony to sell or transport over one ounce of marijuana, this is reduced to an infraction, with the penalties outlined below.


In order to prosecute for California Health and Safety Code 11360 (b), the state has the burden to prove you were guilty of either:


  • The defendant either sold, offered, transported or given away less than one ounce of
    marijuana (28.5 g)
  • This was not concentrated cannabis


Potential Penalties for Those in Violation of 11360 B


Possession of a marijuana of less than one ounce or 28.5 g is an infraction, and those found guilty can face:


  • Up to $100 in fines


It’s important to note that this specified less than one ounce does not include concentrated marijuana. In addition, the offender does not need to be taken into custody if:


  • The defendant can furnish their identifying documents
  • The defendant makes a written promise to appear in court


Legal defenses for those facing Marijuana-related charges vary depending upon the specific circumstances of each alleged offender’s case. The best defenses are developed on a case-by-case basis. Those serious about having the Marijuana case dismissed or obtaining a not guilty verdict may need to retain the services of an attorney.


If you are facing Possession of a Controlled Substance charges for California Penal Health and Safety Code Section 11360 (b), you may be in need of legal representation. Regardless, taking advantage of a free case evaluation from a MacGregor & Collins, LLP criminal defense attorney could  have a substantial impact on your case outcome. The evaluation is free and there is no obligation to retain our services. Call 949-250-6097 or fill out our contact form to get assistance from attorneys with decades of experience.

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