Health and Safety Code 11362.5

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HS 11362.5 Defined


California Health Code 11362.5 outlines the law when it comes to using marijuana for medicinal purposes and it explains how:


  • Ill patients can use medical marijuana authorized by a physician for relief and treatment purposes
  • Users and physicians are exempt from criminal penalties associated with drug possession and usage in this instance
  • The HSC 11362.5 was made to inspire certified strategies for sick patients to receive inexpensive and safe marijuana
  • The health and safety code 11362.5 was not established to divert from criminal charges in non-medicinal marijuana usage
  • Physicians have the right to prescribe medical marijuana without facing criminal consequences
  • In terms of planting and harvesting marijuana, which is usually a violation of HSC 11358, patients and their caregivers (the person who lives with and cares for the sick person) are exempt from this law, if they are cultivating the plant for medical use, and the patient has received an authorized permission to do so by a physician


Examples of illnesses that are considered to be appropriate for medical marijuana use:


Cancer, aids, anorexia, glaucoma and others.


The compassionate law went into effect in the Year 1996.


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