California Penal Code 118

Have you been charged with Perjury? Those who are found guilty of violating California Penal Code 118 are charged with a felony offense. Once a felony is on your criminal record, it is very difficult to take full advantage of employment opportunities as well as government assistance. Speaking with a skilled attorney may help.


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PC 118 Defined


Perjury is defined as willfully giving the wrong information, while under oath.


In order to prosecute for CPC 118, the state should be ready to provide evidence that you:


  • made a deliberate declaration
  • the declaration was false
  • made a pledge to be truthful
  • made a declaration that would affect the outcome of a case


Here are some common examples where a violation takes place:


  • Giving a testimony in court
  • Giving evidence under oath
  • Signing an affidavit


The following could be considered an example as defined by California law:


Jessica has been with her boyfriend Randy for nearly 10 years. Six months ago, Jessica and Randy got into a fight that turned physical. Jessica was screaming at Randy when Randy hit Jessica in the face. Jessica called the police and pressed charges, but later wanted to drop them. Prosecutors pressed charges anyways. In trial, Jessica lied and said that Randy never hit her. Prosecutors later use Jessica’s videotaped testimony stating that Randy hit her as well as photos from the day of the incident to press charges against her.


CPC 118 Violation Penalties


PC 118 is a felony punishable by:


  • Two, three or four years in a California State Prison


Other Potential Penalties:


There are other penalties associated with perjury that are based on the conditions surrounding the case as well as the defendant’s criminal history. Other penalties for perjury may include probation, possible fines and participation in community service.


Those who are charged with perjury do have options. There are several defense strategies that can be used to help prove your innocence. An experienced California criminal attorney can examine all of the evidence in your case and build a defense based on your specific case circumstances.


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