California Penal Code 12026.1

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California Penal Code 12026.1 permits firearm owners to transport undisclosed or unadvertised firearms.


California Penal Code Section 12025 does not forbid residents over 18 yrs old, (who has no restrictions for firearms) from carrying a licensed firearm. The firearm should be:


(1) Carried in a car that is locked. This can be in the vehicle’s closed trunk or glove box.
(2) The firearm is transported lawfully and for lawful purposes while at the same time being secured in a locked container.
(b) This means that according to this chapter, firearm holders are not restricted from carrying a weapon that is concealed.
(c) A “locked container” is defined as a container that is securely closed with a key or pad lock. Consequently, in the event you are driving in a school zone, you will have to comply with these requirements and place your firearm in a secured container.


The following could be considered a legal means of transporting a firearm that is covered by PC 12025:


Sharon has moved to a bad neighborhood with her three kids. She would like to have a safer environment for them, but times are tough and this is the best that she can do. To help protect her and the kids, Sharon places a gun in a locked box under her driver’s side door. One day, Sharon is pulled over by the police who then search her car. They find the gun and tell her that she does not have the right to transport the weapon in her vehicle. Sharon states: “yes I can, in accordance with California penal code 12025. The gun is under my seat and it is in a locked box”.


California penal code section 12026.1 (CPC 12026.1) is essentially outlining the lawful way to transport a firearm in certain vicinities in the state of California.


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