California Penal Code 186.22

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Section A of California Penal Code 186.22 – Engaging in Gang Activity


According to California Penal Code 186.22 (a), anyone who willfully participates in gang activities or joins together with members of a gang while carrying out a crime can be found guilty of violating gang enhancement laws.


In order to prosecute for Orange County Gang Enhancement, the state will need to provide sufficient evidence that you:


  • You were a member of a gang
  • You were aware that other participants were involved in gang activity that is criminal
  • You intentionally helped, endorsed and supported these criminal activities carried out by a gang


CPC 186.22 Gang Enhancement can be filed under (felony or misdemeanor), and those found guilty can face either:


  • Misdemeanor -Up to 1 Year in the Orange County Jail
  • Felony – 16 months, two or years in the California State Prison


Section B of California Penal Code 186.22 – Enhancements for Sentencing


Per subsection B of California Penal Code 186.22, in order to enhance sentencing for Orange County Gang Enhancement, the state has the burden to prove you are guilty of:


  • A felony
  • You committed this felony to help, endorse and support criminal activities carried out by a gang


The increased sentencing is dependent on the type of felony and penal code violation:


  • For Generic Felonies: two, three or four additional years
  • For Serious Felonies: an additional 5 years.


Serious felonies are all listed in the California penal code 186.22 legislation, and some examples include murder, extortion and assault with a deadly weapon. There are at least forty two serious felonies listed in the code for 186.22 B


For Specific Felonies: A possible life sentence or a minimum of 15 years in prison for felonies like home invasion robbery, carjacking, shooting at a residence, discharging a firearm from a vehicle and it caused severe bodily injury.


If you committed a misdemeanor offense for the purposes listed above, it becomes a felony conviction under CPC 186.22 D.


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