California Penal Code 273 PC

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Penal Code 273a Defined


Domestic Violence against a child occurs when a person commits an act of battery against a child or allows harm to come to a child through either an intentional act or by negligent failure to act.


For prosecutors to successfully convict you of violating California child endangerment laws, they would need to have sufficient evidence that you:


  • caused or allowed a child to be harmed (physically or mentally), either by:intentionally inflicting or causing or permitting physical pain or mental suffering to a child, or


  • caused or allowed a child’s injury or endangerment while he or she was in your custody


  • ¬† acted in a way that was likely to produce great harm or death


  • acted negligently at the time of the offense, and


  • were not reasonably disciplining the child


Penalties for Violating 273 PC


Defendant’s facing Child Abuse charges in Orange County for Penal Code 273a violations may face the following punishments:


In the case of child abuse misdemeanor, imprisonment in county jail for up to a year.


Those facing felony child abuse charges can be sentenced to:

  • Imprisonment for up to six years
  • Minimum probation of 48 months
  • Participation in and completion of at least one year of child abuser’s treatment counseling program, and payment of fees due to the counseling program.
  • Abstinence from use of drugs or alcohol during probation and subjection to random drug tests, if the offense occurred while the accused was under the influence of such substances


If the child was under the age of 8 at the time of the incident and the offense resulted in the child’s death, the accused faces imprisonment in state prison for 25 years to life.


If the child was under the age of 8 and the offense resulted in the child becoming comatose or permanently paralyzed, the accused would face imprisonment in state prison for life with possibility of parole.


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