California Penal Code 422.75

Are you facing charges for Enhanced Penalties for Hate Crimes? Violation of Penal Code 422.75 is a very serious criminal offense that can negatively affect your opportunities throughout your lifetime. If convicted of this penal code violation, you could face three additional years in prison as well as additional sentencing enhancements. Those facing charges for this offense are advised to seek experienced legal aid to help evaluate their case circumstance.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our hate crime lawyers can help you better understand the enhancement penalties that you are facing. With over forty years of combined experience helping southern Californians avoid harsh penalties and fines, you can count on our experience and success in the courtroom to work tirelessly in your favor to obtain a favorable case outcome. Call or fill out our form to receive a free consultation today.


PC 422.75 Defined


When someone commits a crime due to stereotyping, enhanced penalties are enforced on the felony committed.


In order to prosecute for Orange County CPC 422.75 Enhanced Penalties for Hate Crimes, the state has the burden to prove you are guilty of:


  • The accused committed an offense on another, specifically due to the victim’s race, national origin, religion, ancestry, sexual orientation, disability, gender, color or group association


Penalties for CPC 422.75 Violations


Enhanced Penalties for Hate Crimes are applied in addition to the convicted felony punishments.


An additional 1,2 or 3 years in the California State Prison is applied to the underlying sentencing.


In addition, if the offender commits the hate crime on their own, or aided someone else in doing so, an enhanced sentencing of two, three or four years in prison is applied – on top of the above sentencing.


Hate Crime Legal Defense


If you are facing Enhanced Penalties for Hate Crimes for California Penal Code Section 422.75, the OC criminal defense attorneys at MacGregor & Collins can help you. Regardless of whether you are ready to hire skilled legal defense to aid you during this time, our attorneys will provide you with a free case evaluation to help you determine what is the best option for yourself and your family. Call today to get help now.

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