California Penal Code Section 484

PC 484 Petty Theft is a misdemeanor offense, but it can cause you and yours a lot of problems. Without proper legal counsel, you may have to serve time or pay thousands of dollars in penalties.


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What is Petty Theft?


Petty Theft is the crime of stealing property valued at under nine hundred and fifty dollars. There are however exceptions to this rule: stolen livestock or crops that are valued in this price range would be classified as grand theft.


Other Types of Theft


Other common types of this penal code violation include:


  • Grand Theft – which is penalized Under California Penal Code 487, and is the act of stealing items worth more than $950. The penalties include up to one year in jail and up to ten thousand in fines.


  • Grand Theft Auto – is stealing automobiles; the penalties for this crime are the same as California Penal Code 487 described above. The same applies to stealing firearms or weapons.


  • Burglary – is described as going into a property or building with the premeditated intent to steal. There are other elements besides theft, as burglary can encompass entering a structure to commit another crime besides theft.


  • Robbery – is committed when goods are stolen, but this is done under the element of force, fear or threat.


Most of these crimes would not be counted as Petty Theft – where first time offenders typically face infraction fines. There are  circumstances however where stealing can escalate into felony charges under California Penal Code 666, described below.


Potential Penalties


  • Up to six months in jail
  • Up to $1,000 in fines
  • An informal probation


When Stealing Is Considered A Felony


If a petty theft offender had three or more of the following convictions under their belt, a subsequent petty theft offense could lead to felony charges:


Petty Theft, Grand Theft, Auto Burglary, Burglary, Robbery, Receiving Stolen Property.


In addition, those who have a record of one of the above offenses, plus a sex crime may face felony charges.


Stealing is also considered a crime of moral turpitude, which subjects offenders to deportation.


Top Defenses for PC 484 Charges in California


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