California penal code section 496

Being convicted of violating Penal Code 496(a) can result in a number of different negative repercussions. In addition to the penalties imposed upon offenders by the state, if you are arrested or charged with a crime in California, there are ways for potential employers to view your arrest record. Those who are charged with any criminal offense are encouraged to contact our firm for a free consultation with no obligation to retain our services. The information you receive may help you avoid costly mistakes.


Those under suspicion for receiving stolen property in California are charged with violating Penal Code 496(a). Penal Code 496(a) specifically governs those who receive property that has been stolen or obtained through theft or excursion.


The Prosecution’s Burden


No matter what type of crime that you have been accused, the prosecution has a burden to prove that you are guilty. In order to prosecute for violating Penal Code 496(a), the state must prove that:

  • 1. You bought, sold, received or aided in selling property that had been stolen or obtained by extortion
  • 2. When you acted, you knew that the property had been stolen or obtained by extortion.


Potential Penalties


Those who are found guilty of violating Penal Code 496 (a) for receiving stolen goods valued at less than $950 will be charged with a misdemeanor and could face up to one year of imprisonment in county jail. In Orange County, receiving stolen goods valued at more than $950 increases the severity of the crime to a felony and is punishable by incarceration at a California state prison.


If charged with a felony offense, you will most likely given formal probation as well. Under these circumstances, many people have to check in regularly with their probation officer and must adhere to the rules governing their probation. Probation violations can result in severe penalties.


Legal Defense


If you are facing receiving stolen goods charges for California penal code 496 (a), our Orange County criminal defense attorneys at MacGregor & Collins, LLP can help you. Our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined legal experience and have obtained favorable case outcomes for countless clients in Southern California.

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