California Vehicle Code 14601

Do you need more information about California Vehicle Code Section 14601? Violation of Vehicle Code 14601 is a traffic offense and in some instances, a serious criminal offense. Many of those charged with driving on a suspended license ignore their charges, which can result in harsher fines and penalties. Don’t wait until it is too late. Call 949-250-6097 to speak with one of our skilled attorneys and find out what you can do to help stay out of trouble.


What is California Vehicle Code 14601?


VC 14601 governs instances of driving on a suspended license in California.


In order for a California prosecutor to convict you of driving while your license was suspended, the following will need to be established:


  • You were aware that your driver’s license was suspended or cancelled
  • You drove a vehicle even though you knew you were no longer legally allowed to do so


The following could be considered  an example of someone who is guilty of driving on a suspended license:


Jerry was at a party with a lot of people who were drinking, but Jerry himself had not had any alcoholic beverages. When Jerry and his friends are ready to leave, they hop in the car and Jerry begins to drive everyone home. On the way, a police officer pulls Jerry over. Jerry wreaks of alcohol and everyone in the car is acting intoxicated. Although Jerry passed the field sobriety test, the officer takes him in and gives him a blood test, takes Jerry’s driver’s license, cites him for a DUI violation, and gives Jerry information about the status of his driver’s license and informs Jerry that he has ten days before his license is suspended. Two weeks later, Jerry is pulled over while driving and cited for driving on a suspended license.


Since Jerry new his license was suspended and drove anyways, he can be found guilty of driving on a suspended license. With a skilled attorney, Jerry may be able to convince the court that he was unaware that his license had been suspended. If so, his charges may be dropped and his case dismissed.


Driving on a suspended license becomes a crime when the offender’s license was suspended because he or she was driving under the influence, is a repeat traffic offender (circumstances vary), or that the driver had been convicted of manslaughter.


Penalties for CVC 14601 Violations


The California Department of motor vehicles has the right to cancel or suspend the driver’s license of someone who is in violation of Orange County vehicle codes. There are several vehicle codes, and each code has different fines associated to them.


The penalties or punishments for Driving on a Suspended License depend on a number of factors including your criminal and motor vehicle history, as well as other circumstances surrounding your case.


The following are maximum penalties that those convicted of violating vc 14601 can face:


  • 6 month in Jail
  • $1,000 fine


For habitual traffic offenders, the penalties include:

  • Confiscation of vehicles
  • Enhanced jail sentencing
  • Permanent cancellation of driver’s license


Reasons for a suspended or cancelled licenses include driving recklessly, physical or mental impairment, driving under the influence, driving in a careless manner or committing traffic offenses repeatedly.


Traffic Violation Assistance


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