California Vehicle Code 22349

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CVC 22349 Defined


California Vehicle Code 22349 outlines the law for speed limits. It explains how:


  • Drivers must drive within the 65 miles/hr speed limit when operating on highways and take into account:
  • Two lane highways, where in this instance the limit of speed for driving safely within the law is 55 miles/hr
  • Exceptions are made if signs are otherwise placed by the DMV or a local authority


A two lane highway (undivided) is defined as a road marked by one lane for each direction of traffic.


Penalties for VC 22349 Offenses



Violation of VC 22349 can be filed as an infraction, if ticket fees are not paid when due. The traffic ticket fine is punishable by $214.


Points: VC 22349 is a one-point tally violation


This code was last updated: January 1, 2000.


Potential Penalties and Fines


The California Department of motor vehicles has the right to cancel or suspend the driver’s license of someone who is in violation of Orange County vehicle codes. There are several vehicle codes, and each code has different fines associated to them. The California points system allows the department to track offenses of drivers, and those who accumulate a number of points within specified time frames run the risk of having their driver’s license suspended or revoked. Vehicle codes are created for the safety of drivers and the public.


If you are facing fines for violating VC 22349 and were falsely accused have the right to fight their charges in court. If you know that your arresting officer cited you for something that you are not guilty of, it may be in your best interest to contact one of our traffic ticket lawyers for a free consultation. With a little help, you may be able to prove to the courts that you are not guilty of the charges brought against you and have your case dismissed.

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