California Vehicle Code 22450

Do you need more information about California Vehicle Code Section 22450? Violation of Vehicle Code 22450 is a minor traffic offense. We at MacGregor & Collins have over 30 years of experience in Orange County Traffic Violation cases. The attorneys at MacGregor & Collins will help you make sense of the Orange County 22450 Violation Penalties that you are facing, and provide you with unparalleled legal defense.

California Vehicle Code 22450 outlines the law when vehicle owners are driving at stop signs or railroad crossings. It explains how:


  • Drivers must come to a halt at a stop sign or rail road crossing
  • The stop must be made before the signaled line, and if none is provided, then not before entering the junction
  • Local officials can implement a safe solution as a means to prevent accidents


The following could be considered an example of a VC 22450 violation:


Kyle is driving his brand new car right off the lot. Its a fast car, so Kyle wants to know how fast he can make it go. He is not familiar with the area and immediately begins driving at a very high rate of speed. He makes a right at an intersection and then begins to go upwards of 100 mph. He is going so fast that he fails to see a stop sign and proceeds through the area without stopping his vehicle. A police officer notices, pulls him over, and cites Kyle for violating vehicle code 22450.



Violation of VC 22450 can be filed as an infraction, if ticket fees are not paid when due. The traffic ticket fine is punishable by $214.


Points: VC 22450 is a one-point tally violation


This code was last updated: January1, 2008


Potential Penalties and Fines


The California DMV has the right to suspend the California driver’s license of anyone who is in violation of California vehicle codes. There are several different vehicle codes, and each code has different fines associated with them. The California points system allows the DMV to track offenses of drivers, and those who accumulate a certain number of points within any specified time frame runs the risk of having their driver’s license suspended or revoked.


If you are facing fines for violating VC 22450 and were falsely accused, out attorneys may be able to assist you. With aid from an experienced traffic violation attorney, you may be able to convince the courts that you are not guilty of the vehicle code violation for which you are accused. Call 949-250-6097 today to speak with a legal professional for free about your case.

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