Codeine DUI

It is a felony to possess, use, or drive with codeine without a prescription in the State of California. If a police officer pulls you over, notes signs of intoxication, and finds codeine in your vehicle, he or she may arrest you for a DUI offense regardless of whether or not you had been drinking alcohol. Penalties for a codeine DUI are the same as those for driving under the influence of alcohol, which can result in time spent in jail as well as thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. All types of intoxicated driving offense cases could benefit greatly from a skilled DUI attorney case evaluation. Call us today and we will provide you with a free consultation with no obligation to retain our services.


Info and Penalties for Codeine DUI offenses


Driving while under the influence of Codeine is a common occurence for those who are prescribed the medication. Many of those arrested for DUI of codeine are unaware that they are intoxicated when they get in their car. It is their belief that they are clearheaded and that they are not putting themselves or anyone else in danger by driving to wherever they need to go. Truth is, no matter how little codeine is in your system, if you fail an officer’s field sobriety test, you could end up in jail. Even if you took codeine several hours before you got behind the wheel.


The following are potential penalties for those arrested for driving under the influence of Codeine in California:


  • Up to 6 months in the county jail
  • At least $390 in fines
  • An informal probation between three and five years
  • Up to 6 months suspension of one’s driver’s license
  • Up to 3 months in DUI school


More About Codeine DUI


  • Codeine is classified as an opiate, which essentially sedates users
  • Codeine is therefore a painkiller
  • It’s quite common to become addicted to codeine
  • When mixed with other substances, the side effects can be severe impairment
  • Regardless of whether you have a valid prescription, it’s still illegal to drive while using codeine
  • Furthermore, the prescription label will usually warn users of side effects


As seen, this type of prescription medicine has strict limitations for use in:


  • HIV treatments
  • Cancer medications
  • Other forms of terminal illness


There are numerous reasons why this substance is restricted even though it’s a frequently prescribed medicine. Apart from the impairment, codeine has several negative side effects including stomach bleeding, kidney and liver damage, depression, psychosis and more.


For other forms of drugs or substances that are penalized under California Vehicle Code 23152, visit the United States Controlled Substances Act.


In some drug related cases, offenders are offered a drug diversion program. The abuse or driving of codeine is exempted from this alternative sentencing.


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