Costa Mesa Marijuana Possession

The possession of Marijuana in Costa Mesa – without a valid prescription is a crime. The offense is handled under California Health and Safety Code 11357, where a Costa Mesa District Attorney or prosecutor will need to determine that the drug offender had possession of the substance, and that he or she was aware of this.


Marijuana Possession in Costa Mesa comes with varied penalties. Here are the legal consequences that are determined by the quantity of marijuana found:


Marijuana That Is Not Concentrated


  • First time offenders face infractions for carrying or possessing less than one ounce of marijuana. This is not in the concentrated form, and the penalty is $100.
  • First time offenders face misdemeanor charges for carrying or possessing more than one ounce of marijuana. This is not in the concentrated form, and the penalties include up to six months in jail and up to five hundred dollars in fines.


Concentrated Marijuana Possession in Costa Mesa


For concentrated forms of marijuana, the penalties include either misdemeanor fines of up to one year in jail and up to five hundred dollars in fines. Felony marijuana possession subjects offenders to up to three years imprisonment in the state prison.


These charges are based on the possession of marijuana for personal use only. The possession with the intent to sell is a separate offense that is categorized under California Penal Code 11359.


The following is a fictional example of a Marijuana possession incident that could happen in Costa Mesa:


Victoria regularly smokes Marijuana to help alleviate pain, but she does not have a prescription from a medical professional, she simply buys it off of her friend who does. The Orange County fair has come to town for the summer and Victoria takes friends and family. When she gets there, she forgets that she has a canister of Marijuana in her purse and it is located when they search her purse before allowing her in. Victoria is cited by a Costa Mesa police officer and her Marijuana is confiscated.


Top Defenses for Marijuana Possession


The top defenses include that the offender was not aware of this substance in their possession, or that he or she was setup by someone else. These defenses are limited however, and a lawyer discuss the current options.


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