DUI Defense Strategies

A DUI conviction on a person’s record can negatively affect their opportunities for years to come. Too often, those arrested for driving under the influence assume that their case is not defend-able. These misconceptions have led countless people to plead guilty to a DUI offense for which there was very little evidence. Breathalyzers are historically testy devices that can provide false readings due to a variety of different reasons.


A skilled DUI defense attorney can help to  alleviate the burdens of your criminal proceedings and present compelling arguments to help win your case. A DUI is no minor offense. It can have a tremendous impact in your life outside of court relating to unemployment, higher insurance premiums, loss of driving privileges and the excess expense of fines and fees.


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Arguments of Defense for DUI Include:


  • Infirmity – some diseases such as diabetes can affect blood alcohol levels
  • Affirmative Defenses – which includes being unaware of drunken driving; due to threat by a third party; due to necessity in which there was a life-threatening situation
  • Inaccuracy – the testing equipment supplied invalid results
  • False Identity – someone switched licenses with another party in the vehicle
  • Corrupting Evidence – the chemical tests were tampered with


These are just a few of many arguments which can be presented based on your case. Many defendants are able to take advantage of DUI plea bargains that help them avoid serious repercussions. In some situations, our DUI lawyers can perform the research needed to lower or avoid penalties altogether.


Many of those who are arrested for driving under the influence are not guilty. No matter how your alleged DUI incident took place, speaking with a skilled attorney soon after your arrest can help a legal professional better evaluate your case.


DUI Legal Assistance


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