California DUI Plea Bargain

Are you facing charges for DUI? Did you know that you could enter into a plea bargain to avoid jail time and other serious penalties?


We at MacGregor & Collins have over 30 years of experience in DUI cases and will evaluate your case to help you determine if a plea bargain is the best decision. We are an unparalleled Orange County DUI defense law firm who will help you understand the charges brought against you and fight to get you the best judgment possible for your case.


One of the advantage of taking a plea bargain is that there is no worry about the outcome. Defendants will know the exact sentencing without having to go through a stressful jury trial. The lawyer serves as the skilled negotiator with prosecutors as sentencing or charges for DUI can be reduced to the following:


  • Wet and Reckless Driving ‘ which basically means that drinking was the cause for arrest. The benefits with this charge include lesser fines and penalties. In addition, defendants will not be subject to an automatic suspension of their driver’s license.


  • Dry Reckless Driving ‘ essentially means that the driver will be charged as driving in an irresponsible or careless manner. This charge is not considered to be a priorable DUI offense. Other benefits include no car insurance hikes, in addition to the obvious lower sentencing.


  • Exhibition of Speed ‘ a skilled lawyer may be able to bargain a misdemeanor DUI into a mere California Vehicle Code 23109 offense. The penalties include jail time and fines, however most first time offenders will be subject to probation and lowered fines alone.

Other plea bargains that a defendant can receive with the help of an experienced DUI attorney include Being Drunk in Public under California Penal Code 647 F or simple traffic infractions that incur points to the driver’s license.


If you’re facing DUI charges in California, our attorneys may be able to assist you. Obtaining a plea bargain for a DUI offense is easier when you have experienced counsel on your side. Call us today at (888) 250-2865 to take advantage of a free consultation and fully evaluate your options.


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