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In Fountain Valley, California, locals experience a different side of Orange County. For the most part, Fountain Valley locals are made up of middle class families, many of whom are struggling to make enough money to pay the bills and keep their homes. Many residents are resorting to low-level crimes to make ends meet during desperate times, and quite a few are now struggling to break free of the criminal justice system. Unfortunately, many of those who live a life of crime start their “criminal career” with desperation crimes such as petty theft or burglary, but once they are convicted of a crime, it becomes much more difficult to live a lawful existence. The current system does not usually help first-time offenders rehabilitate, but instead sets them up for a lifetime of regrets and ever-increasing criminal behavior.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our Southern California defense attorneys are well-aware of the problems that Fountain Valley citizens face. They understand that good people may resort to actions that they may not have done if they weren’t in an extremely difficult position. With a little help, you may be able to find holes in the prosecution’s case that will allow you to avoid a criminal conviction on your record and take advantage of a second chance. Call us today to obtain a free case evaluation and find out if you have the opportunity to have your charges dropped and your case dismissed.


Fountain Valley Drugs and Crime


The streets of Fountain Valley are littered with drugs and drug addicts, which can often be the motive for crimes throughout the city. Fountain Valley law enforcement does not care whether or not you or your loved one are struggling from drug addiction and will not hesitate to arrest you for drug-related crimes. In a city like Fountain Valley, where a large number of those committing crimes are doing so to use or make money from narcotics, drug crime offenses are becoming more and more common.


Although most drug sale offenses are not illegible, those facing drug possession charges may be able to take advantage of alternative sentencing programs. These involve mandatory meetings with approved drug counselors as well as drug testing to help users become less dependent on drugs. Whether you are willing to stop using or not, taking advantage of these types of opportunities can help you avoid a criminal charge on your record and will help you to move past your offense without suffering severe penalties.


Legal Defense for Fountain Valley Locals


If you or your loved one are facing criminal charges in Fountain Valley, California, speaking with a MacGregor & Collins, LLP legal professional can help. They offer free case evaluations with not obligation to obtain their legal services and can help point you in a direction towards success. Call 949-250-6097 today to get immediate help from legal professionals with Fountain Valley experience.

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