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Fullerton locals have been struggling with their local police department for some time. Allegations of police corruption and abuse of police power have run rampant for several years. Those facing charges for drug crimes, domestic violence, DUI, or any other criminal offense may have been victims of unlawful search and seizures or other abuses committed by their arresting officers. In some cases, alleged criminals whose arresting officers obtained evidence without properly adhering to search and seizure laws may be able to have their case dismissed and their charges dropped.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our So Cal defense attorneys have worked with countless defendants and are fully aware of the injustices facing Fullerton locals. With skilled legal defense you may be able to expose unlawful acts and use them to your advantage. Call us today or fill out our contact form to find out what options you have available.


Fullerton Drugs and DUI


Many of those who contact us for legal services in Fullerton do so as a result of DUI or drug crimes. Although local police will not hesitate to make arrests for any criminal charge, driving under the influence as well as possession and drug sale offenses are especially common. Many offenders make the mistake of believing that they will be found guilty of their crimes simply because a breathalyzer calculated a BAC higher than 0.08%, or because police found illegal drugs in their possession. Many defendants plead guilty to their crimes and accept harsh penalties and fines when they may have been able to avoid a conviction.


A skilled attorney will be able to evaluate the circumstances surrounding your case and evaluate whether or not the evidence against you is substantial or questionable. The following are DUI and drug crime offenses for which our firm has had a great deal of success:



DUI Expungement

Drug Charges


The above charges are just some of the wide variety of different offenses for which MacGregor & Collins, LLP legal professionals have obtained outstanding results. Ronald MacGregor, head partner of MacGregor & Collins, LLP, has worked with thousands of defendants throughout Southern California. He has represented more than a 1000 clients at DMV hearings and more than 10,000 DUI clients throughout his career. He has defended all types of sex crime defendants in trial and has developed a reputation as one of the top criminal attorneys in Orange County.


Fullerton Legal Assistance


Those facing charges arising from Fullerton police officials are encouraged to contact our law offices as soon as possible. Our attorneys will provide you with a free consultation and will do their best to help you better understand the criminal charges being brought against you. Call today to receive assistance from a skilled criminal attorney with experience representing Fullerton locals.

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