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Facing harsh penalties and fines for a Menifee criminal offense can be devastating. Many times, those who commit minor and serious crimes develop stable lives for themselves and then make a mistake that has the potential to destroy everything they have worked so hard for. The criminal justice system makes it very easy for honest hard-working California citizens to spend time in jail or prison for non-violent offenses.


Even if you are accused of committing violent felonies, you have an opportunity to handle your criminal offense and pending charges in a way that increases your likelihood of success, but if you do not speak with a skilled Riverside criminal attorney and have not studied California law in-depth, you could fall victim to pitfalls that strengthens the prosecution’s case against you.


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At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our attorneys have provided legal representation for thousands of clients and have successfully defended clients in court ranging from petty theft to murder. We see people at their worst; many of those who contact us for help are struggling with substance abuse and are committing crimes to support their habits and make ends meet. We understand that sometimes, good people make choices that aren’t in their best interest. A life of drugs and crime can be an addiction in itself, and our clients know that their attorneys are there for them in more ways than one.


Although we assist Menifee locals iwth a wide range of different types of criminal offenses, there are a few that are particularly common in the area. Overall, Menifee is a relatively safe community and crimes including rape, domestic violence, robbery, and assault occur less commonly in Menifee than throughout California on average. Those who contact us for legal services are prone to needing assistance for their drunk driving and drug offenses following an arrest in the area.


No matter what type of crime a Menifee police officer has arrested you for, you can count on one of our attorneys to be able to assist you. Even if we do not have experience with your particular criminal offense, we may be able to direct you to a firm that does.


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If you are ready to hire an attorney to fight for your freedom, call 949-250-6097 to speak with a MacGregor & Collins, LLP attorney about your case. They offer free professional case evaluations and consultation to anyone facing criminal charges in the Menifee area and will help you better understand the charges that have been brought against you.

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