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Drug crimes are prosecuted in the State and Federal courts. As such, it’s imperative to have a skilled Newport Beach criminal attorney to ensure that your rights are protected and your freedom secure. Contact us today today to take advantage of a drug crime case evaluation with one of our experienced lawyers for up to one hour for free.


The United States Controlled Substances Act outlines several illegal substances or narcotics. If these controlled substances are used in an illegal manner, such as sales, manufacturing or transportation, steep penalties usually apply.


Here are some of the top Newport Beach drug offenses that our lawyers defend:


  • Simple Possession of a Controlled Substance – as the name suggests, if someone is caught with an active or constructive possession of a controlled substance, the penalties will vary based on the defendant’s criminal history or the quantity found. The alternatives for imprisonment or jail time include participating in drug diversion programs.


  • Drug Possession for Sale – possession of drugs for resales is a felony that subjects offenders to up to four years imprisonment and up to $20,000 in fines. The prosecution will look for elements of the crime such as paraphernalia that would point to sales verses personal use. There are several defenses however, that a competent lawyer can help with.


  • Sale and Transportation of Drugs – is oftentimes uncovered through informants or police sting operations. Criminal drug defense attorneys can argue police entrapment, in which case the defendant would not have participated in this crime, if it were not suggested by the pretending office.


Defense for Drug Crimes vary from mistaken identity, illegal search and seizure, insufficient evidence and more. In addition, a lawyer can help to file several motions to stall the case and gather evidence, especially for these crimes of moral turpitude. If you are facing a non-violent drug crime offense, your attorney may be able to help you negotiate a plea deal that you may prefer over the unpredictable nature of a jury trial.


If you are facing charges for drug crimes, the defense attorneys at MacGregor & Collins can help you. In addition to working you to evaluate any possible means of defending your crimes, they can also advise you to keep you from making costly mistakes that could adversely affect your case outcome. Call or fill out or form to get help now.

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