PCP DUI Offenses

Using PCP and then driving is a serious criminal offense that can result in severe penalties in the State of California. At the Law Offices of Randy Collins, our drunk driving attorneys in Orange County have represented more than 10,000 DUI clients at the pretrial and trial stages. Contact us today to take advantage of a free PCP DUI case evaluation to find out how our legal professionals can help get you back on the right track.


PCP DUI is prosecuted under California Vehicle Code 23152 – for driving under the influence.


PCP DUI is usually filed as a misdemeanor, and those found guilty can face:


  • A maximum of six months in jail
  • Monetary fines of a minimum of $390
  • Probation of 3-5 years
  • Driver’s license suspension for up to six months
  • California DUI school for a minimum of three months


Felony Charges pertain to:


  • 4th time PCP DUI offenders
  • Defendants with a prior felony DUI offense


Phencyclidine or PCP is a controlled substance. Here are some quick facts on PCP:


  • Aliases for PCP Angel Dust, Super Grass, Rocket Fuel and more
  • It is used as an animal tranquilizer or anesthetic, and is prohibited for use in humans
  • It was first established in the 1950s
  • The side effects include hallucinations
  • It’s effects can be felt in a few minutes of use, and it has the potential to last for more than 50 hours


The following could be considered an example of a PCP DUI arrest:


Antonio has recently fallen on hard times. He has lost his job and he is no longer able to provide for his family. One night, he decides to take a load off and try something that his friends are passing around. After a while, he blacks out. The next thing Antonio remembers is being at the hospital handcuffed to a bed. Antonio had gotten high on PCP, tried to drive, got into a car accident, and injured himself all during a self induced blackout. Antonio now faces felony DUI charges arising from driving while under the influence of PCP.


For other forms of drugs or substances that are penalized under California Vehicle Code 23152, visit the United States Controlled Substances Act.


If you are facing PCP DUI charges in California, the OC criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Randy Collins can help you. Those who take PCP and then get behind the wheel are more prone to DUI incidences that involve injury. Call or fill out our contact form to have a skilled DUI lawyer evaluate your case and help you determine what options you have available.


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