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Being charged with Rape in Orange County is a very serious offense. If you are convicted of this crime, you could face years in prison as well as thousands of dollars in penalties and fines. Local prosecutors take all types of rape offenses very seriously, and you can count on them to pursue the maximum possible penalties against you throughout the duration of your case. Too often, those facing rape charges make the mistake of hiring or accepting incompetent legal defense. Without skilled and experienced legal defense, rape defendants can easily make mistakes that negatively affect their case outcome.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our sexual assault attorneys in Orange County have decades of experience assisting those faced with a variety of different kinds of rape offenses. Whether you are innocent or guilty, you can count on our firm to work tirelessly in your defense to help you secure your freedom and obtain a favorable case outcome. Call us today to obtain a free consultation and find out how we can help you.


Types of Rape Crimes


Although rape is a well-known term throughout California, there are several specific types of rape that a person can commit. The following are types of rape offenses for which our firm has successfully assisted California defendants:


Date Rape

  • Date rape occurs when two people who do not live with one another have sexual relations without one of the involved person’s consent. This usually occurs between acquaintances, but can occur between long time “friends”.


Gang Rape

  • Gang rape occurs when a group of people have sexual relations with a single person without their consent.


Spousal Rape

  • Spousal rape occurs when a married couple has sexual relations without the consent of one of the persons involved.


Statutory Rape

  • Statutory rape occurs in California when a person over 18 has sexual relations with a person under 18. California does not recognize persons under 18 as having the ability to consent to sexual relations. So even if both people involved wanted to have sexual relations, the person over 18 can still be charged with statutory rape.


Child Rape

  • Child rape occurs when an adult has sexual relations with a young child.


Deceptive Rape

  • Deceptive rape occurs when a person coerces another into having sexual relations through deceptive means. For example, if a person went into a married couple’s home, snuck into the wife’s room while the husband wasn’t home, and was somehow able to convince the woman that he was her husband and have sex with her, this could be deemed deceptive rape.


Corrective Rape

  • Corrective rape is a term used to describe instances of rape where the accused has sex with a non-heterosexual in an attempt to “correct” their sexual preference. Usually, the attacker believes that non-heterosexuals have a problem that makes them believe that they are not a heterosexual and that they can make them “straight” by having sexual relations with them.


Penalties for Rape in Orange County


In California, all types of rape are felony offenses that are punishable by up to 8 years in prison, $10,oo0 in fines, and a strike on your criminal record. Under some circumstances aggravating factors can result in a 14 year prison sentence. Those convicted of any type of sex crime in California are also required to become lifetime registrants on California sex offender registry list. Once included, anyone with a computer and internet connection can easily identify you as a sex offender.


Rape Defense in Orange County


Those facing rape charges in Orange County are encouraged to contact our law office for a free sex crime case evaluation. Our attorneys will provide you with a free consultation for up to one hour and help you to better understand the rape charges that have been brought against you. Call (888) 250-2865 or fill out our contact form to receive assistance today.

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