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The thought of being convicted of a misdemeanor or a felony can be enough to terrify anyone. Those convicted of crimes can have difficulty obtaining employment, taking advantage of government assistance opportunities, as well as sustain long-term relationships. A person’s criminal record is more accessible now than ever. Anyone who is determined to find out whether or not you have a criminal record can do so with a phone, tablet, or computer through as little as an internet connection. Without skilled legal representation, you could find yourself agreeing to unfavorable plea bargains or receiving a guilty verdict by a jury or judge, but there is hope.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our Riverside criminal defense lawyers firmly believe just because a person is accused of a crime does not mean that they should be looked down upon in any way. Some firms treat their clients with little to no respect simply because they have been accused or arrested. Our attorneys understand that many of those who are arrested for criminal offenses in Riverside are not guilty, and many others who made choices that were not a true representation of their character. Don’t let Riverside prosecutors take advantage of you, call us today to find out how our lawyers can help you avoid exorbitant fees and penalties.


Riverside Criminal Offenses


The city of Riverside as well as Riverside County are not known for high crime rates, but there is no denying that there is a higher than average crime rate when compared to the average number of criminal offenses in the United States as a whole. Although Riverside has less rape and murder offenses, there are numerous robbery and assault offenses being committed on a monthly basis all over the county.


The following are criminal offenses for which we have been able to assist numerous Riverside locals:



Drug Crimes

Domestic Violence

Sex Crimes


Randy Collins, MacGregor & Collins, LLP firm partner, has represented countless Inland Empire defendants and was previously the District Attorney for the County of Riverside. Attorney Collins uses his insider knowledge of the inter workings of the prosecution to help his clients obtain the best possible outcome for their case. His relationship with the courtroom staff and reputation throughout Southern California is an advantage that should not be taken lightly.


Riverside Criminal Defense


If you or your loved one are facing criminal charges in Riverside, California, speaking with one of our experienced attorneys could benefit you. We provide free case evaluations and consultations to anyone facing charges in Riverside and will help you to better understand the charges that have been brought against you. Call or fill out or form today to get help now.

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