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man getting arrestedThose facing charges for robbery in Orange County face more than a slap on the wrist; depending upon the specific circumstances of your case, you could be ordered to spend years behind bars and pay thousands of dollars in fines and penalties. Local prosecutors do not care about your circumstances and will rarely take your financial hardships into consideration when pursuing penalties against you. If you are not properly prepared or represented, you are decreasing your chances of obtaining a favorable case outcome.

At our firm, you can count on our top rated attorneys to not only give your case the time and respect that it deserves, but to also give you one-on-one assistance to help you get back on your feet. MacGregor & Collins, LLP lawyers believe that good people can make bad decisions and that those decisions do not define them as people. We want to hear and tell your story so that when your case is complete, you know that every available opportunity to preserve your freedom has been evaluated and used to your advantage. Call us today to find out how we can help you avoid a conviction.

California Robbery Offenses

The act of robbery is defined by the state of California as the taking of personal property from another person, against his or her will, and doing so by means of force or intimidation. Depending on the severity of the suspect’s action, a defendant may be charged with two different levels of the offense.

First Degree Robbery
Violations involving individuals performing their duties as bus operators, taxicabs, trains, or any other vehicle that is used to transport paying customers is considered a first degree offense. Additionally, any robbery of a passenger on any of the aforementioned vehicles or any offense that takes place inside an inhabited dwelling, including places of business, homes, and vessels, is a first degree offense. Robbing someone who has just withdrawn funds from an automatic teller machine or robbing anyone in the vicinity of an ATM is also considered to be a first degree offense. The penalties for first degree violations can range from three to nine years in state prison, depending on the circumstances of the crime.

Second Degree Robbery
Any case that does not qualify as a first degree offense is automatically classified as second degree. A conviction of the second can result in punishment of two, three, or five years in state prison depending on the specific aspects of the defendant’s crime. A conviction for attempting to rob can also result in imprisonment.

Orange County Legal Assistance

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