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If you are facing charges for any type of offense, you will need advice from criminal defense attorneys with a history of success and experience. Whether you were arrested for a DUI, drug crime, domestic violence, or any other offense, obtaining the right information from the right law firm can drastically affect your case outcome. At Macgregor & Collins, LLP, you can expect the personal attention required to expose all of your case facts and use them to your advantage. With more than forty years of combined legal experience, our Orange County lawyers, Ronald D. MacGregor and Randy S. Collins, are prepared to tip the scales in your favor.


Cases We Can Help You With


Arson Assault Burglary
Domestic Violence Drug Crimes DUI
Expungement Fraud Hit and Run
Juvenile Crimes Murder Probation Violations
Robbery Sex Crimes White Collar

How A Skilled Lawyer Can Benefit You


Many of those who contact us for criminal defense representation know that they have a chance to avoid being convicted of their crimes, but they do not know how that can be accomplished. This level of trust in our defense team is flattering, but we want our clients to be as aware as possible of how their criminal matter will progress and how they can contribute to the overall success of their case.


Many first-time offenders, and sometimes the most seasoned repeat offender, can make decisions that drastically impact their legal team’s ability to defend their innocence. Orange County prosecutors are effective at using minimal evidence to help convict those facing charges. An in-depth knowledge of California criminal laws can help identify multiple opportunities to call evidence into question or expose unlawful tactics performed by police officers during the course of a suspect’s arrest.

The following are only a few ways in which a seasoned criminal defense attorney in Orange County can drastically impact a defendant’s case:


Plea Bargains


Regardless of what type of criminal offense you have been charged with, your attorney will likely have an opportunity to speak with the prosecutor assigned to your case and negotiate a possible plea bargain. By accepting a plea bargain, you may be able to have your penalties reduced and have some of your charges eliminated. Randy Collins, MacGregor & Collins, LLP firm partner, was previously a district attorney. Having prosecuted numerous cases, Attorney Collins has insider knowledge of the prosecutions inner-workings. This is especially useful as prosecutors are often unwilling to negotiate with defendants that choose to represent themselves.


Assistance With Sentencing Programs


There are some instances where a “not guilty” verdict is not possible to obtain. In these circumstances, those who are found guilty still have an opportunity to be ordered to serve different types of sentences to pay for their crimes. A skilled defense lawyer with knowledge of the California court system and faculty can help facilitate a sentence that is more acceptable than others. For instance, instead of spending one year in prison, a legal professional could help to obtain a sentence in which the defendant spends six months in a treatment facility and six months behind bars.


Keep You In Touch With Your Real Situation


Too often, those who come to our doors have had their expectations for their case way too high or way too low. A person who has yet to be charged with a misdemeanor may believe that they are about to go to prison for five years. Or, a person who is charged with murder may believe that they can talk themselves out of trouble, despite irrefutable evidence against them. An experienced lawyer will be able to evaluate your circumstance and provide you with a valid assessment of the situation so that you can feel confident making decisions moving forward.


Help Identify Important Legal Aspects of Your Case


You can spend the next month in a law book, but if you have yet to represent yourself successfully in multiple criminal proceedings that are identical to the one that you are currently facing, you will not be able to identify all of your opportunities to help prove your innocence without having already investigated multiple similar circumstances yourself.


Formula for Success


To ensure a favorable case outcome, skilled criminal defense attorneys will investigate every possible strategy while ensuring their client’s needs are met. Our defense attorneys have obtained countless favorable case outcomes and use their experience to provide top notch legal representation for every client that retains their services. Their hard work and dedication has created a reputation that precedes them, and you will need every advantage available when your freedom is on the line. Call us today to receive immediate assistance from experienced legal professionals.

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