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Those facing charges for theft in Southern California fight an uphill battle. Orange County is one of the most expensive counties in the Country to live in, and few of those who live in it are familiar with the struggles of those who commit these types of offenses. If you are innocent, convincing a court of law can be a challenge, regardless of your circumstances. Whether you are charged with a first degree or second degree offense, getting the information you need to make an informed decision is vital to obtaining a favorable case outcome.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, we can help you understand how to beat your burglary charge as well as other important information about your case. Randy Collins, firm partner, was the previous district attorney for the county of Riverside. He uses his previous experience prosecuting criminals to his clients’ advantage. If you are looking for skilled legal defense representation, or just want a free consultation, calling MacGregor & Collins, LLP is in your best interest.


Burglary Defined


A person entering a place intending to commit theft or any felony can be convicted of larceny (CPC 459). A first degree offense occurs when a person enters a home or dwelling in which someone resides. All other forms are considered second degree violations.


In order to obtain a conviction against you, state prosecutors must be prepared to provide evidence that you:

1. entered a building/locked vehicle/statutory target


2. entered the building/locked vehicle/statutory target, intending to commit theft or some other felony offense


Burglary Penalties


Punishment for these types of thefts vary according to the degree of the crime as well as your criminal background. Instances of first degree burglary can be punishable by imprisonment for 2, 4, or 6 years. Burglary offenses of the second degree can be punishable by imprisonment in county jail for up to one year.


A skilled burglary defense attorney in Orange County will use the evidence in their client’s case to their client’s advantage. Many burglary offenses can be dismissed if the evidence gathered by authorities was not collected properly. If police violated any of your rights while obtaining evidence to use against you, your attorney may be able to have your case dismissed and your charges dropped.



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