California Vehicle Code Section 23222.b There's No Alternative 

California Vehicle Code 23222 B

Are you facing California Possession of Marijuana While Driving charges? In addition to possession, you may be facing transportation or driving under the influence of Marijuana criminal charges as well. At the Law Offices of Randy Collins, our Marijuana defense attorneys have more than 45 years of combined experience. Call today and you will receive a free Marijuana case evaluation to help you determine what your best course of action is.

What is VC 23222?

In order to prosecute for California Vehicle Code 23222 B, the state has the burden to prove you were guilty of either:

  • The accused drove while having in their possession marijuana
  • The accused was aware of this active possession
  • The quantity of marijuana was one ounce or less (not concentrated)

The following could be considered a violation of VC 23222 B:

Brady is on his way to a party. He knows that many of the people at the party smoke Marijuana, so he brings 4 grams of his own stash to smoke once he arrives. While on his way, a police officer stops Brady for a minor traffic violation and smells Marijuana when Brady rolls down his window. The officer searches Brady’s vehicle, find the Marijuana, confiscates it, and charges Brady with a VC 23222 B violation.

What are the Penalties for Driving with Marijuana?

Penalties for Possession of Marijuana While Driving include:

  • Up to $100 in fines
  • Court fees

This penalties apply for up to one ounce of marijuana. Even though these criminal charges may seem trivial, it can place a negative mark on your criminal record – which in turn could affect many aspects of your life. Other potential penalties include being prosecuted for Health and Safety Code 11360, in the event the defendant is caught with more than one ounce of marijuana while driving.

A lawyer can put together a strong defense. Some include:

  • The marijuana was discovered by an illegal search
  • The car or marijuana was not the defendant’s
  • The defendant had a valid prescription for medical use

If you are facing Possession of Marijuana While Driving charges for California Vehicle Code Section 23222 B, the Orange County criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Randy Collins can help you. You can rest assured knowing that highly skilled and experienced Marijuana attorneys are on your side to help protect your rights. Call (844) 285-9559 or fill out our contact form.

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