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Frank S.

Newport Beach

I am eternally grateful for the help Randy and Ron gave me with my legal problems. I was arrested for DUI charges and they got me off completely. Thanks guys.

Tim B.


Randy represented me and provided comfort in a difficult time. He saved my job and I didn’t go to jail. Thank god for good attorneys.

Award-Winning Criminal Defense

Facing charges?, we’re here to help. No matter what type of offense you have been arrested for, you can count on local prosecutors to take the situation very seriously and do their best to make sure you pay with your time, money, and freedom. At CMC Defense, you can expect the experience, skill, and personal attention required to expose all of your case facts and use them to your advantage.

The Defense You Need

Randy Collins has represented countless criminal defendants and has regularly obtained great results on their behalf. Case dismissals, not guilty verdicts, and extremely favorable plea bargains are the types of results that Randy’s clients have come to expect. Many of their clients are obtained by personal referral. This is because many of those who hire CMC Defense are excited to share their success stories with close friends and family.

Randy Collins has received numerous accolades for his superior legal representation. Top OC Metro Attorneys, Top 40 Criminal Defense Lawyers Under 40, 10 Best Client Satisfaction by the AICLA, and the Criminal Justice Clinical Award are just a few of the accolades bestowed upon attorney Collins.

Extremely Responsive

Randy Collins cares about his clients’ well-being, that is why he is extremely responsive when clients need to get a hold of him. Facing criminal charges is a scary experience. CMC Defense clients receive the advantage of having someone to contact for answers and advice on a regular basis.

Battle-Hardened And Prepared To Win

To ensure a favorable case outcome for any violation, skilled attorneys will investigate every possible strategy while ensuring their client’s needs are met. Randy Collins regularly obtains favorable case outcomes in Newport Beach (Harbor Justice Center), Santa Ana (Central Justice Center), Fullerton (North Justice Center), as well as Westminster (West Justice Center) and uses his experience to provide top notch legal representation for every client that puts their faith in him.

His hard work and dedication has created a reputation that precedes him, and you will need every advantage available when your freedom is on the line. Call (888) 250-2865 today to receive immediate assistance from experienced legal professionals for a free consultation.