When it comes to your freedom, you don’t want to settle for less. Orange County criminal defense attorneys Randy Collins won’t let you. Find out why their clients love them and what they can do to help you avoid jail.

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Frank S.

Newport Beach

I am eternally grateful for the help Randy and Ron gave me with my legal problems. I was arrested for DUI charges and they got me off completely. Thanks guys.

Tim B.


Randy represented me and provided comfort in a difficult time. He saved my job and I didn’t go to jail. Thank god for good attorneys.

Top California Murder Defense Attorney

If you are facing charges for any type of offense, a Newport Beach criminal lawyer with a history of success and experience is here to help. Regardless of the type of offence you have been arrested for, you can count on local prosecutors to take the situation very seriously and do their best to make sure you pay with your time, money, and freedom. At CMC Defense, you can expect the personal attention required to expose all of your case facts and use them to your advantage. With more than forty years of combined legal experience, our Orange County lawyers, Randy S. Collins, consistently tip the scales of justice in their client’s favour.

How Our Skilled Newport Beach Criminal Lawyer Benefit You

Many first-time offenders, and sometimes the most seasoned repeat offender, can make decisions that drastically impact their legal team’s ability to defend their innocence. Orange County Defense Lawyer are effective at using minimal evidence to help convict those facing charges. An in-depth knowledge of California criminal laws can help identify multiple opportunities to call evidence into question or expose unlawful tactics performed by police officers during the course of a suspect’s arrest.

The following are only a few ways in which our top notch criminal defense attorneys in Newport Beach can drastically impact their client’s cases:

Great Results

Both Randy Collins has represented countless criminal defendants and have regularly obtained great results on their behalf. Case dismissals, not guilty verdicts, and extremely favorable plea bargains are the types of results that their clients have come to expect. Many of their clients are obtained by personal referral. This is because many of those who hire CMC Defense are excited to share their success stories with close friends and family.

Award Winning Representation

The attorneys at CMC Defense have both received numerous accolades for their superior legal representation. Top OC Metro Attorneys, Top 40 Criminal Defense Lawyers Under 40, the Criminal Justice Clinical Award, and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau are just a few of the accolades bestowed upon attorney Randy Collins.

Extremely Responsive

Both attorneys care about their clients’ well-being, that is why they are extremely responsive when clients need to get a hold of them. Facing criminal charges is a scary experience. CMC Defense clients receive the advantage of having someone to contact for answers and advice on a regular basis. Both attorneys provide clients with their personal contact information so they can be reached when their clients need them.

Affordable Fees

At CMC Defense, we understand that not everyone is in a position to pay a small fortune up front to obtain legal representation. In the past, this has led to many criminal defendants being unable to secure our services because of an inability to pay. Now, we provide flat rate fees and payment plans to those who qualify so that those with limiting financial situations can help level the playing field.

Assistance With Sentencing Programs

There are some instances where a “not guilty” verdict is not possible to obtain. In these circumstances, those who are found guilty still have an opportunity to be ordered to serve different types of sentences to pay for their crimes. A skilled defense lawyer with knowledge of the California court system and faculty can help facilitate a sentence that is more acceptable than others. For instance, instead of spending one year in prison, a legal professional could help to obtain a sentence in which the defendant spends six months in a treatment facility and six months behind bars.

Keep You In Touch With Your Real Situation

Too often, those who come to CMC Defense have had their expectations for their case way too high or way too low. A person who has yet to be charged with a misdemeanor may believe that they are about to go to prison for five years. Or, a person who is charged with murder may believe that they can talk themselves out of trouble, despite irrefutable evidence against them. Our criminal defense lawyers will be able to evaluate your circumstance and provide you with a valid assessment of the situation so that you can feel confident making decisions moving forward.

Experience That Matters

When you need a lawyer, retaining an attorney that has in depth experience handling your type of case is a huge asset. Although every case is different, there are certain situations that happen time and time again which can call evidence into question, or even the officer responsible for an arrest. If an attorney can convince a judge or jury that the evidence that will be used against you was obtained illegally or that your rights were violated in any way, your case may be dismissed. When you are facing a drug charge, you want a drug lawyer to assist you. When you’re facing a domestic violence charge, you want a legal professional that has defended several domestic violence defendants. This experience helps to expose every opportunity the prosecutor may have to convict a defendant and strike back accordingly.

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To ensure a favorable case outcome, skilled attorneys will investigate every possible strategy while ensuring their client’s needs are met. Our defense attorneys regularly obtain favorable case outcomes in Newport Beach (Harbor Justice Center), Santa Ana (Central Justice Center), Fullerton (North Justice Center), as well as Westminster (West Justice Center) and use their experience to provide top notch legal representation for every client that retains their services. Their hard work and dedication has created a reputation that precedes them, and you will need every advantage available when your freedom is on the line. Call (888) 250-2865 a CMC Defense Newport Beach Criminal Lawyer today to receive immediate assistance from experienced legal professionals for a free consultation.

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