California Penal Code Section 1000

Are you interested in the deferred entry of judgment program under California Penal Code Section 1000? (DEJ) is a better alternative than jail time and is sometimes available to eligible non-violent drug offenders. At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our drug crime defense attorneys can help you to better understand your options and the charges that have been brought against you. Call or fill out our contact form to obtain a case evaluation from a skilled legal professional.


What is PC 1000?


Under California Penal Code 1000, eligible individuals are able to defer court proceedings and instead enroll in a drug treatment program.


Permission to participate in a drug diversion program is based on the discretion of a judge. In addition:


  • Defendants have to plead guilty of possessing drugs
  • Defendants cannot have any prior drug related offenses
  • Defendants must have possessed drugs for personal use rather than sales
  • Defendants cannot be charged with any kind of assault offenses
  • Defendants cannot be in violation of parole, or had any felonies filed against them within 5 years of the current offense
  • Defendants are ineligible if they already participated in the same DEJ program within 5 years of the current offense


Drug related offenses that are eligible for the deferred entry of judgment are listed under CPC 1000, and the judge has to decide whether or not they think defendants can in fact be rehabilitated.


Those eligible will participate in drug diversions for:


  • 18 Months to Three Years at a qualified rehabilitation center


The program’s directors will execute an evaluation, counseling, and provide a progress report to the court. Once the DEJ has been completed, the court may dismiss the charges.


It is important to note that qualifying for entry into a deferred judgement program like PC 1000 does not ensure that it is in your best interest. Those arrested for drug-related penal code violations may face multiple offenses which can affect their available options. It is not uncommon for domestic violence offenses to occur while a person is under the influence of drugs. Speaking with a criminal defense attorney can help you evaluate your options and find out what you can take advantage of.


PC 1000 Case Evaluation


If are facing drug offense charges and need to know if you qualify for CPC 1000, the OC criminal defense attorneys at MacGregor & Collins can help you. Although it is not possible to give a definitive answer as to whether or not you can take advantage of PC 1000, they can let you know whether or not you qualify. Call or fill out our contact form to receive information specific to your case.

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