California Penal Code 203

Mayhem charges in California can be confusing, and a conviction can affect your future options. If convicted of violating California Penal Code 203 you may serve harsh penalties and your criminal record will then include a felony offense. By taking advantage of a free consultation with an experienced Mayhem defense lawyer, you may be able to avoid serious penalties or have your criminal charges dropped completely.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our criminal defense attorneys provide free case evaluations for anyone facing Mayhem charges in Southern California. You can receive a one hour consultation that may help you to make decisions that will help avoid a conviction. The charges brought against you are complex. Speaking with an attorney will help you to better understand your options.


PC 203 Defined


According to California Penal Code 203, Mayhem is defined as inflicting bodily injury on a victim. It is closely related to assault and battery laws, but focuses on the severity of the victim’s injuries. The injuries are usually disabling or disfiguring to a person’s body.


In order to prosecute for CPC 203 Mayhem, the state has the burden to prove you were guilty of either:


  • Aggression that was directed on another person
  • Aggression resulting in bodily injury
  • Force that was cruelly applied


CPC 203 Potential Penalties


Mayhem is a felony and those found guilty can face:


  • 2, 4 or 8 Years in the California State Prison
  • A $10,000 maximum fine
  • A formal probation


Mayhem committed on individuals with disabilities, like the visually or hearing impaired, seniors, individuals under 14 years old, or paraplegics for example, can be sentenced to an additional two years for these special cases.


Those facing Mayhem charges may have several defense strategy options. Which defense strategies are right for your case depend on your specific case circumstance. If you did not mean to inflict harm on the person you injured, you may be able to avoid a conviction.


If you are facing Mayhem charges for California Penal Code Section 203, we highly recommend speaking with one of our skilled criminal attorneys. There is no obligation to retain their services and you may receive information that you need to be successful.

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