California Penal Code 466

Are you facing charges for Possession of Burglary Tools? Violation of California Penal Code Section 466 is a misdemeanor offense that carries hefty penalties and fines. Too often, prosecutors pursue charges against defendants for PC 466 violations when they are completely unwarranted, sometimes using these additional charges to try and help bolster other offenses. Without proper guidance, defendants may make decisions that prosecutors use to their advantage.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our burglary defense attorneys know that many accusations and arrests are unwarranted and may even be illegal. In situations where evidence is obtained illegally, a skilled criminal attorney may be able to have the evidence dismissed, resulting in a case dismissal or not guilty verdict. Call us today to speak with one of our skilled legal professionals for up to one hour for free with no obligation to retain our services.


PC 466 Defined


According to California Penal Code 466, anyone who keeps certain tools in their possession with the intent to enter a property, and without authorization to enter is guilty of this crime. There are 15 tools outlined in this code, and some of them include crowbars, picklocks, slim jims, master keys and more.


In order to prosecute for Orange County CPC 466, the state has the burden to prove that you were guilty of the following:


  • The accused had in their possession one or more burglary tools
  • These tools were owned with the intent to commit a burglary


PC 466 Penalties


Possession of Burglary Tools is a misdemeanor penal code violation punishable by:


  • Up to 6 months in the Orange County Jail
  • A maximum $6,000 fine
  • An informal probation of up to 3 years


If you are facing Possession of Burglary Tools charges for Penal Code 466, you may have several options available to help protect your freedom. Whether you are prepared to hire a burglary defense lawyer or not, taking advantage of a free case evaluation could have a substantial impact on your case. Without in-depth knowledge of California burglary case law, it can be very difficult to determine what course of action is in your best interest. Contact us today to find out how we can help you avoid a conviction and move on with your life.

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