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Facing criminal charges can be a traumatic experience: in addition to the looming penalties for your alleged offenses, those accused in California sometimes have their rights violated during the course of their arrest. The Orange Police Department may unlawfully search your home, vehicle, or any other area resulting in illegally seized evidence. This is one of several reasons that contacting a criminal defense attorney immediately after your arrest could drastically effect your case outcome. Those without knowledge of criminal proceedings and the ways in which police officers attempt to coerce defendants into incriminating themselves are easy targets for law enforcement and prosecutors.

At the Law Offices of Randy Collins, our Southern California defense lawyers have seen how the less informed are taken advantage of by the criminal justice system. By taking advantage of our free consultation, you may be able to receive information about your criminal charges that will help you to make better decisions moving forward call or submit our contact form today to speak with our attorneys and find out what options you have available.

Orange, California Criminal Offenses

The Orange Police Department responds to a variety of different crimes ranging from low-level non-violent offenses to large-scale felony offenses. Those who most commonly contact us for legal representation in Orange, California are those facing charges for DUI or DWI. Our attorneys have found that many of those who face charges for driving while intoxicated mistakenly believe that they have very little chance of avoiding a conviction. That since they blew a 0.08% BAC or above, that the evidence against them is too much to overcome. This is simply not reality in most cases. There are numerous instances where the evidence obtained can be deemed inadmissable. Regardless, an indepth case evaluation could help determine your ability to fight your charges.

The following are crimes for which the Law Offices of Randy Collins attorneys regularly assist Orange, California defendants:



Drug Crimes


Hit and Run

Domestic Violence

Those who are facing charges other than the ones above can still receive assistance from one of our legal professionals. Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting defendants charged with a wide variety of different offenses throughout Southern California.

Don’t Give Up Hope

Those facing charges may feel as though the evidence against them is too much to overcome. For the Law Offices of Randy Collins, this does not mean that you will be found guilty, but that your case will need more attention and evaluation. Randy Collins, firm partner, recently obtained a not guilty verdict for a client who confessed to his crimes by convincing the jury that his client was pressured into providing a confession to keep his girlfriend out of jail. Had it not been for Attorney Collins, his client would have most likely been facing several years behind bars.

Orange Legal Assistance

If you are ready to consult with an attorney and evaluate whether our legal professionals will take your case, call (844) 285-9559 or fill out our contact form. You will receive a free consultation with a skilled Orange County criminal defense attorney with experience and a passion for those he represents.

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