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Blogs from February, 2021


Social Media and Domestic Violence Cases

Social media plays a huge role in how people communicate and stay in touch these days. However, it also gives the world a look into your private life. If you're facing domestic violence charges, you may be surprised to learn that your social media profiles and the information you post on them can be brought into your case.

For this reason, it's essential to understand how to handle social media posting when you're facing these serious charges.

How is a Domestic Violence Case Affected by My Social Media?

Think about how much you share on social media. You may post your social life on Instagram, your opinions on Twitter, photos of a vacation on Facebook — the list goes on. While all of this content may seem harmless, it also may be used against you if you’re facing DV charges.

Some of the ways social media can be leveraged against you include:

  • Proving Your Location: Were you in the same location as your accuser at the time of the crime?

  • Aligning Witness Statements: Does a story confirm witness testimony of the alleged crime?

  • Discovering New People in the Case: Does a person’s tweet allege you also assaulted them?

  • Showing New Evidence: Does a new Instagram post give the prosecutor updated information?

What Can I Post on Social Media During a DV Case?

Although you may like sharing parts of your life with others online, it’s best to stay off social media altogether if you're facing domestic violence charges. This way, you don’t accidentally share something that the prosecution can see as damning evidence against you.

Domestic Violence Defense in Orange County

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