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prisoner in orange jumpsuit and handcuffs being walked by officer

Crimes of moral turpitude (CMT) are crimes considered to be extremely reckless, evil, or so heinous they shock the public. Many American citizens are not familiar with this term, however, immigrants and individuals in the U.S. on visas should know about the impacts of being accused or convicted of a crime of moral turpitude.

Examples of Crimes of Moral Turpitude

The United States recognizes crimes of moral turpitude such as:

  • Murder
  • Voluntary, and sometimes involuntary, manslaughter
  • Domestic and child abuse
  • Incest
  • Kidnapping
  • Aggravated assault
  • Theft
  • Fraud
  • Conspiracy to commit a crime of moral turpitude

These are serious criminal accusations for anyone, but especially so for individuals who are eligible to be deported. Let’s discuss why.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude and Immigration

Committing a crime of moral turpitude has numerous immigration effects.

  • Individuals applying for a visa or green card may be unable to obtain one if they have a crime of moral turpitude on their criminal record.
  • Green card holders may be unable to become full citizens if they have committed a CMT.
  • In the most severe cases, individuals can be deported from the U.S. if they are convicted of committing a crime of moral turpitude within five years of entering the country.
  • Individuals can be deported for committing any two crimes of moral turpitude while in America.

Legal Representation for Immigrants Accused of Crimes

If you are facing allegations of committing a CMT, you need to seek legal representation immediately. Working with a criminal defense attorney is the best way to protect your immigration status and your future.

Our attorneys at Law Offices of Randy Collins want to help you fight your case. You have taken great lengths to come to America and we want to defend your ability to stay, whether it is on a visa, as a green card holder, or as a citizen. Call us at (844) 285-9559 to discuss your criminal case with our compassionate team today.