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This is part two of a series of blogs designed to help law firms create steady referral sources. To see the first part of this series click here.

teamworkIn the past, I have made my life a lot more difficult by failing to identify one of the easiest ways to create steady referral sources: other attorneys. To other business owners, avoiding mutually beneficial relationships that allow all parties involved to use each other to create profit and growth would be a ridiculous concept. Why on earth would anyone running a business avoid taking advantage of a no-cost opportunity with such a large financial return on investment? Go ahead, ask yourself. “Why am I avoiding my opportunities to create mutually beneficial relationships with other attorneys?” Chances are, you are suffering from an irrational fear of rejection in a business where a strike out can be just as beneficial, if not more, than a grand slam. (more…)

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This is part one of a series of blogs to help law firms create referral sources. Click here for part two and check back soon for the remaining blogs.

When I graduated from law school, I was under the impression that my legal skills and personable charm would take me to the top. I graduated with honors from prestigious institutions, and made some noise amongst my peers while I was attending. I knew that once I obtained my license from the state bar that news of my superior legal representation would spread far and wide, resulting in clients lining up at my doorstep to plead for me to represent them. OK, maybe I wasn’t that full of myself, but I’m confident when I say that obtaining clientele was not the biggest concern for me and many others when we ventured onto the legal landscape.

Attorney Preston Clark once said “We take it for granted that our friends and family know what we do for a living– our practice areas. And we take it for granted that we’re top of mind when a referral opportunity presents itself. Both are false. Finding clever ways to inform and remind your network of what you do is just good business”.

There are hundreds, if not thousands of attorneys out there who are stumped when it comes to creating steady referral sources, and many others who are completely unaware of the incredible assets acquired through creating, nurturing, and sustaining these sources. Marketing companies are marketing themselves, and it is working. Attorneys across the nation are throwing money at every opportunity to market their firms to prospective clients when a small portion of those budgets could be allocated towards creating referral sources that create hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars in return. (more…)

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