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For many, finding out how much a criminal defense lawyer should cost will allow them to make a number of important decisions. Those who are arrested often incur a variety of expenses as a result of their legal trouble before they reach the courtroom. By the time their court date approaches, panic sets in and defendants are forced to make a difficult choice; will they use the services of a court-assigned public defender, hire an attorney, represent themselves, or ignore the process all together.


Make no mistake, those facing charges do have options, but with limited funds and little direction, it can be easy to make a choice that is not in your best interest that ends up costing you a lot of money. Although there is no set amount or average that can be used to calculate the exact amount a person should pay for defense services, there are certain scenarios that will regularly result in an increase or decrease in total costs during the duration of any case.


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As previously stated, calculating the exact amount that lawyers should charge you for representation isn’t possible. This is for a number of reasons. For one, some criminal defense clients require a lot more attention than others. This does not mean that every attorney is favoring some clients over others and that some are receiving better representation than others, but that some defendant’s cases require more attention to be successful.


For example, if Bob came to my office and told me that he was arrested for murder and just posted bond, I would have to let Bob know that my services are probably going to cost a lot. Now, some people would think that the person in my example is being charged more because it is murder, and that an attorney will charge more because Bob has more of a reason to hire an attorney, but this is not usually correct. Bob’s legal services would likely cost him an arm and a leg because his case has a high probability of going to trial, which increases a lawyer’s costs exponentially.


There are a lot of situations that can increase the costs of any given case. If your situation matches any of the following, your legal services may cost you more.


You Refuse to Accept a Guilty Plea

If you refuse to accept a guilty plea under any circumstance, there are a number of situations in which the price of your legal services could skyrocket. By refusing to plead guilty, you are refusing to accept a plea bargain. A plea bargain allows those who feel that they do not have a very good chance of winning their case to accept a lesser charge or minimal penalties for their crimes. It is a “win-win” for the prosecution and the defense in which the courts reward the defendant for pleading guilty rather than spend court time and money fighting the charges. If there is a large amount of evidence at the prosecution’s disposal to use against the defendant, it is often times in their best interest to accept a plea bargain. A skilled criminal defense lawyer can sometimes obtain very favorable results for their clients through plea bargaining, but if a client is hell-bent on obtaining a not guilty verdict, then trial is probably a necessity.


Your Case Requires a Trial

Trials are very expensive; not only does a trial require more personal attention than other cases, but there are several costs incurred by handling attorneys during a trial. During trial, lawyers must present evidence in a way that helps prove that their client is innocent. It is not uncommon for an attorney to retain the services of various expert witnesses and private investigators to help prove their claims. These contractors can cost attorneys tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars. In some cases, juries take the opinions of these types of professionals very seriously and take them into consideration when determining a person’s guilt.


You Have a Previous Criminal History

If you have a history of committing crimes, the courts are going to be far less likely to go easy on you. There are a number of crimes that judges may be happy to give defendants a second chance, but when a person develops a pattern of criminal behavior, the courts are far less likely to be lenient. This is because a criminal history implies that you are likely to repeat your behavior again. If you are facing drug charges or misdemeanor offenses, a previous criminal history can change the maximum penalties and make a judge more likely to feel that maximum punishment is necessary. These types of offenses may not have cost you as much as a DUI, or domestic violence case, but now they may.


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