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Blogs from October, 2022

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If you’ve gone through the scary experience of being arrested for domestic violence, you may be concerned about who could find out about your arrest. This is especially true if you have been wrongfully accused and are concerned that your arrest will be public knowledge before you can clear your name. Our team at Law Offices of Randy Collins discusses what you need to know about arrest records in California and your legal options.

Are Arrest Records Public?

Yes, in California, all arrest records are public. To view someone’s arrest record, one must contact the local law enforcement officials and ask for a copy. Therefore, if you are arrested for domestic violence, that information and record are available to the public.

Can I Hide My Arrest Record?

In many cases, arrests do not result in convictions. Individuals who have been arrested but not convicted wish to remove the arrest from their records and move forward from the incident. This is especially true for people who have been arrested for domestic violence, as this type of accusation on record is serious and often met with harsh judgment from outside parties.

Luckily, individuals who have been arrested but not convicted often have the legal option of record expungement. A record expungement essentially erases the arrest from your record so that it would no longer appear if someone were to do a background check. As long as the individual was not convicted of domestic violence, they can typically get their arrest expunged.

Domestic Violence and Expungement Attorneys in Orange County

If you were recently arrested for domestic violence, contact our attorneys at Law Offices of Randy Collins. We can help you fight your case and protect your future.

If your case has already been dismissed and you are curious about your eligibility for an arrest record expungement, our team can help answer your questions and assist you throughout the process.

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