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Blogs from September, 2022

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Driver’s license suspension is one of the most common penalties for driving under the influence. A driver can even have their license suspended before they are convicted of DUI. Let’s discuss whether or not you can get a restricted license after a California DUI.

What is a Restricted License?

A restricted license allows a person to drive under limited circumstances. Most often, restricted licenses allow drivers to get to and from work, school, medical appointments, visitation with their children, and other important events.

While restricted licenses offer drivers some freedom after DUI, it’s important to note that there are still multiple restrictions and conditions that restricted license holders must follow.

Restricted License After First DUI in California

  • You may be eligible for a restricted license after a DUI conviction if:
  • You served a minimum 30-day period of license suspension
  • You have SR-22 insurance
  • You are enrolled in DUI school
  • You pay a fee

Restricted licenses may be offered to repeat offenders under other circumstances. For example, some second-time offenders may be able to get a restricted license if they use an ignition interlock device.

What Makes A Driver Ineligible for a Restricted License?

In California, there are two main reasons why a driver may be ineligible for a restricted license. The first is if they were arrested for DUI while driving without a license or with a suspended license. Second, if they refused to participate in chemical testing at the time of the arrest—meaning a refusal to take a breath, blood, or urine test as required under implied consent laws.

DUI Defense in Orange County, California

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