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Man confused about lawFor some, the question what is a criminal law attorney may seem to have a simple answer, but as is the case with almost anything having to do with law, the in-depth answer is different depending upon a number of different circumstances.

The obvious answer is that a criminal law lawyer is the same as a criminal defense lawyer, at least in most cases. The term itself is not one that is used in court documents, nor would you be likely to hear it spoken in a court, but is a commonly used phrase by the general public.

Although different lawyers will provide you with completely different services and customer service experiences, there are some things that should remain constant regardless of your circumstance.


Those who speak with a criminal law attorney immediately following an arrest should receive several benefits. The most important of which is legal advice that can help you avoid making common mistakes that hurt your case. A skilled lawyer will advise you of your rights and can be present during questioning by authorities.

It is not uncommon for police officers to become very threatening and manipulative during their questioning process. There have been countless instances in which police officers are able to convince arrestees to confess to their crimes, even if they are not guilty. Authorities are trained to obtain information from you that can be used against you. Having a skilled lawyer by your side will help ensure that police follow the rules and that you do not incriminate yourself.


Regardless of the crimes for which a defendant is facing, police will launch an investigation. A defense legal professional will launch their own investigation that can help disprove theories of motive and other seemingly solid facts that can drastically impact whether or not a defendant is found guilty.

In Orange County, where I personally assist defendants, there have been numerous accusations in and out of court that prosecutors have been instrumental in withholding information about a defendant’s case that could help prove their innocence. If your attorney puts forth a thorough investigation of their own, it becomes less likely that important evidence will go unnoticed.

Criminal Charges

Just because someone is arrested does not mean that they will be charged with committing any type of crime. There have been several cases where an arrestee hires a legal professional before charges are officially filed, their law firm launches an investigation, the firm finds multiple facts that help prove their client’s innocence, and are then able to convince prosecutors that there are too many holes in the case. The result? For some, all charges are dropped and the case is dismissed.


An attorney can be a huge asset during the sentencing process. For example, say you and your friend are arrested for burglary. You hire legal representation and your friend does not. You are both found guilty, but your attorney presents multiple facts about you and your lifestyle that leads the judge to believe that putting you in jail or prison is not in anyone’s best interest. Your friend receives two years in prison while you are sentenced to probation and house arrest.

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