What Is Felony Murder?

murderFelony Murder may oftentimes be used interchangeably with the term first degree murder because they carry the same sentencing: 25 years to life in prison. There are however major differences between the two.

So what exactly is felony murder?

It’s when someone commits certain felonies and somehow another person was killed – even if this was not intentional or by accident. First degree murder on the other hand is murder that was premeditated.

The exception to premeditated killing for first degree murder charges occurs when crimes such as arson, robbery, rape, kidnapping and other crimes resulted in the death of the victim.

A lower sentencing to this crime is felony second-degree murder, wherein a victim was killed during the course of a dangerous crime. The penalties include 15 years to life in prison.

How can you prove your innocence?

A murder case may be challenging to prove innocence, but with strategies that involve DNA evidence retesting, scene reconstruction, retracing the day’s leading up to the murder and more, a criminal defense lawyer is able to fight the challenging case and win.

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