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Most of those who live in Brea, California are very happy residents. With a distinguished art district, top notch schools, huge mall, beautiful weather, and close proximity to numerous beaches, local residents have it all. Unfortunately, if you face criminal charges in Brea, you will soon find that you are fighting an uphill battle. Criminal charges of any kind are treated very seriously in Brea, and you can expect local prosecutors to pursue the maximum  possible penalties against you if you violate local laws. Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony offense, speaking with an experienced local attorney could greatly benefit you and increase your chances of obtaining a case dismissal or not guilty verdict.


At MacGregor & Collins, LLP, our Orange County criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience assisting those facing criminal charges in Brea. Having an attorney with in-depth knowledge of local laws and the ways in which they are prosecuted can be a very valuable advantage. To take advantage of a free professional case evaluation from one of our experienced legal professionals, call (888) 250-2865 or fill out our contact form.


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Randy Collins and Ronald MacGregor, firm partners at MacGregor & Collins, LLP, have more than forty years of experience assisting persons in Southern California who face criminal charges, the majority of which reside or were arrested in Orange County, California. This local experience cannot be underestimated. When you have an attorney who commands the respect of the courtroom, including the judge, jury, and prosecution, you put yourself in a position to obtain a favorable case outcome. Randy Collins was previously the County of Riverside’s District Attorney. His experience provides him with insider information that he uses to help secure outcomes for his clients that may not be able to be obtained by any other attorney.


Too often, those facing misdemeanor offenses make the mistake of believing that they do not need to hire an attorney, that the public defender will provide them with adequate defense or that the penalties will not be severe. If they are facing a minor traffic violation, this may be accurate, but more often than not, obtaining legal representation for Brea criminal matters is a good idea.


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If you have been charged with DUI, domestic violence, drug crimes, assault, or any other crime in Brea, a MacGregor & Collins, LLP attorney will be able to help. Even if you are facing criminal charges for which our attorneys do not specialize, they will still be able to provide you with information for a criminal attorney who handles a wide variety of different practice areas. Do not waste time that could lead to costly mistakes. Take advantage of our free consultation and contact us today. There is no obligation to retain our services and the consultation is free.

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