California Penal Code Section 12020 There's No Alternative 

California Penal Code 12020

Are you facing charges for selling, manufacturing or owning illegal weapons ? Violation of California Penal Code Section 12020 can be a serious felony or misdemeanor offense. If improperly handled, you could be ordered to serve a long prison sentence and pay thousands of dollars in court fines. Take steps to help you avoid making costly mistakes. Call our firm today and you will receive a free case evaluation with no obligation to retain our criminal defense legal services.

What is California Penal Code 12020?

According to California Penal Code 12020 anyone who sells, manufactures or owns illegal weapons can be found guilty of violating Penal Code 12020

In order to prosecute for CPC 12020, the state’s prosecutors have the burden to prove you were guilty of:

  • Owning, selling or manufacturing an illegal weapon
  • You were aware that the illegal item in question could be utilized as a weapon

California laws distinguish what an illegal weapon is and there are certain individuals that are exempt from this law. For instance, an officer or someone in authority.

The following could be considered a violation of California Penal Code 12020:

Hannah lives in a bad part of town and feels that she needs a firearm to help protect her and her kids. Hannah goes to purchase a gun, but finds out that since she has a rare medical condition, she does not qualify. Hannah feels that it is very important, so she speaks to a friend who is able to get her a gun illegally. Hannah keeps the gun in her closet. One day, Hannah is arrested for petty theft, and the police search her home to try and recover the stolen items. Upon searching, they find the weapon and charge Hannah with violating PC 12020.

What Are The Penalties for California Penal Code 12020 Violations?

The penalties or punishment for CPC 12020 depend on a number of factors including your criminal history and the circumstances surrounding your case. Some circumstances will result in misdemeanor charge, while others will result in a felony. The following are the penalties for those convicted of CPC 12020:

  • Misdemeanor – Up to I Year in the Orange County Jail, a maximum $1,000 fine and an informal probation
  • Felony – 16 months 2-3 Years in the California State Prison, a maximum $10,000 fine and a formal probation

12020 PC Defense in California

If you are facing charges for Penal Code 12020 and were falsely accused, the OC criminal defense attorneys at the Law Offices of Randy Collins can help you. Our attorneys can provide you with a free case evaluation and help you determine what options you have available. Call or fill out our form today to reach our skilled criminal defense attorneys.

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