California Penal Code 288A

Are you facing sex crime charges? Violation of California Penal Code Section 288A can be a serious felony or misdemeanor offense. If convicted, you could face years in prison, thousands of dollars in fines and restitution as well as a lifetime inclusion on California’s sex offender registry list. Contact a MacGregor & Collins, LLP OC sex crime defense lawyer to obtain a free consultation to help you evaluate your options.


PC 288 A Defined


Anyone who has contact between the mouth and genitals or anus for sexual pleasure or arousal is guilty of violating California Penal Code 288A.


In order to prosecute for CPC 288A Oral Copulation, the state has the burden to prove you are guilty of:


  • An individual who made contact between their genitals or anus and another parties mouth
  • The fines increase if it was conducted with force, threat or fear


Potential Penalties for PC 288 A Violations


California penalties or punishment for Oral Copulation under CPC 288A depend on a number of factors including criminal history, the victim’s age. It can be filed under (felony or misdemeanor), and those found guilty can face:


  • Misdemeanor
  • Up to 1 Year in the Orange County Jail
    • Felony
    • Between 16 Months to 12 Years in the California State Prison


NB: It should be noted that there are other types of sexual offenses such as statutory rape, date rape or oral copulation, all of which carry varied penalties.


Other Potential Punishments:


Those sentenced for Oral Copulation may be required to register as a sex offender.


Since sexual assault is a serious offense, it is imperative to work with a skilled defense team in order to prove one’s innocence. Offenders are often charged with multiple offenses such as PC 243.4 for sexual battery that can increase potential penalties. Sexual assault accusations can take a toll on one’s reputation, career and life, so tread carefully.


If you are facing Oral Copulation charges for Penal Code 288A, there may be several opportunities for you to have evidence against you brought into question, but if you do not consult with a skilled criminal defense attorney, you may never uncover them. Even if you are not planning on hiring an attorney, taking advantage of a free case evaluation could have a substantial positive impact on your case. CallĀ (888) 250-2865 today or fill out our contact form and you will have the opportunity to speak with a skilled legal professional about your case.

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