California Penal Code 518

Are you facing charges for Extortion or Blackmail? Violation of Penal Code 518 is a serious felony. If convicted, you could face years in a California state prison and be ordered to bay thousands of dollars in fines. A felony conviction can affect several areas of your life and limit your ability to obtain employment and take advantage of government opportunities.


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California Penal Code 518 Defined


Anyone who knowingly threatens other parties for personal gain and uses force can be found guilty of violating California Penal Code 518. In order for prosecutors to convince a jury that you are guilty of CPC 518, they will need to be prepared to provide sufficient evidence that you:


  • received the personal property of another
  • received this property by the authorization of another
  • obtained permission by the use of threat, menace or force


Common threats used in extortion or blackmail cases include:


  • Threatening someone to inflict bodily or property injury
  • Threatening to blame someone or their family for a crime
  • Threatening to dishonor someone or their family
  • Threatening to disclose something confidential about someone or their family


Types of Extortion or Blackmail:


  • Applying violence or threat to get finances or personal property
  • Applying violence or threat to extort an officer to carry out a notarized action
  • Using someone’s official position to extort money or property from someone else


Penalties for PC 518 Violations


CPC 518 Extortion and Blackmail is a felony punishable by:


  • Up to 4 Years in the California State Prison
  • A maximum fine of $10,000


Extortion Defense Assistance


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