California Penal Code 653

Have you been charged with Tattooing a Child under California Penal Code Section 653? Although a relatively minor offense, there are consequences if you are found guilty of this crime. To find out more about PC 653 and how it can affect you, call (888) 250-2865 to speak with one of our local attorneys for up to one hour for free. If convicted, there ares some circumstances where the defendant has their license to provide tattoos taken away and may be subject to other penalties.


California Penal Code 653 is when any individual tattoos a child or offers to do so. A child is defined as anyone under the age of 18 years old.


In order to prosecute for CPC 653, the state has the burden to prove that the defendant is guilty of :


  • offering to tattoo a child or
  • tattooing a child


The following could be considered a violation of PC 653:


Tiffany owns a tattoo parlor. Thankfully business is good and she is very busy. One day, a woman comes in who is obviously over 18 and wants a tattoo on her right arm. Tiffany creates the tattoo, accepts payment, and moves on to the next customer. The next week, Tiffany receives an angry call from a mother whose 17-year-old daughter came home with a tattoo and says that she got it from Tiffany. The mom calls the police, the police go to Tiffany’s establishment, and Tiffany is charged with violating CPC 653.


There are exceptions if the tattoo was performed by a licensed practitioner. The law defined by 653 was created to help prevent health risks associated with the process of tattooing. These health hazards include the possible transmission of HIV, hepatitis or other diseases. CPC 653 is classified as a misdemeanor and potential penalties include the payment of fines.


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