California Penal Code 653K

Have you been charged with Carrying a Switch Blade under California Penal Code Section 653K? A swtichblade is considered to be a very dangerous weapon. Those found in possession of one could face a hefty fine and, depending upon their previous criminal history, may face other penalties as well. Those facing serious and minor criminal offenses are encouraged to contact our firm for a free consultation.


What is California Penal Code 653K?


CPC 635K outlines the unlawful carrying or transportation of a switch blade. A switch blade under California Penal Code 653K is defined as a knife with a blade measuring more than two inches long, and also one that can be automatically flicked open.


In order to prosecute for CPC 653K, the state has the burden to prove you are guilty of either:


  • Any individual who carries a switch blade in a car, whether in the passenger or driver area
  • Any individual who openly carries a switch blade on themselves
  • Any individual who manufactures, sells or trades a switch blade with others


The following could be considered a violation of PC 653K:


Sami is an adult male who lives at home with his mom, two younger sisters, and older brother. Sami’s older brother moves out and Sami finds an old switch blade in his brother’s room. Sami sells the switchblade to a friend of his, but during the transaction a police officer walks up and busts them. Sami is then charged with violating PC 653 K.


Penalties for a PC 653 K Violation


California Penal Code Section 653K is a misdemeanor penal code offense punishable by:


  • A fine of no more of $1,000


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