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At the Law Offices of Randy Collins, we have encountered many cases that should have been a simple misdemeanor of possessing controlled substances – only to suddenly evolve into a more serious accusation of “intent to sell.” Prosecutors are eager to convince the judge and jury that a minor infraction, often an accidental case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, was supposedly a covert operation of illegally selling drugs.

The instant you are accused of distributing or delivering drugs like meth, marijuana, cocaine, or heroin, or even accused of simply desiring or intending on selling drugs, you are in for a difficult journey. The only way to protect yourself from the unfortunate bias that often appears in the court system is by gaining the support of our possession with intent to sell lawyers in Orange County.

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What Counts as an Intention to Sell?

From the standards written in the California Health and Safety Code, an attempt to sell or distribute controlled substances automatically counts as a felony, meaning that the penalties if you are convicted are much higher than a simple misdemeanor.

Some examples of cases where the prosecution will make a claim that you were intending to sell drugs include instances where:

  • The amount of substance in possession of the individual appears to be much larger than a single person could typically use
  • The defendant is also found with a set of scales that could be utilized to weigh drugs
  • There is a great amount of cash found at the scene simultaneously
  • The defendant is in possession of several smaller bags which could be used to divide the drugs into distinct quantities for sale

Despite these guidelines, there is no exact amount or weight of a controlled substance that needs to be present in order to prove that a defendant was actually intending to sell a drug. This can be very tricky to prove, since the charge is up to the arresting police officer, who bases the arrest entirely on his or her opinion of what is a “large quantity.”

Defense Against Intention to Sell Charges in California

Because a prosecutor must prove beyond reasonable doubt that you were truly intending to sell a drug, rather than merely using it recreationally in minimal amounts on your own, our skilled lawyers can often decrease the severity of the charge and penalty.

Moreover, in the event that you are a casualty of mistaken circumstances, or even had the drug planted on you, our knowledgeable possession with intent to sell attorneys in Orange County can demonstrate that you are the actual victim in this scene. With our empathetic criminal defense lawyers by your side, you can be spared numerous years of jail time, along with extremely high fines.

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